Alaska Airlines Companion Fare: Fly with a Friend for Less

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Is there anything more delightful than flying to your dream destination? It gets even better when you can bring someone along for just $99 with a companion fare. 

Traveling is always more enjoyable with company; it’s about sharing laughter, making memories, and enjoying each other’s company. In this piece of writing, you will learn how you can get Alaska Airlines Companion Fare and make the most of it. This benefit, available through credit card expenditures, allows a friend or family member to fly with you for a minimal fee. So, let’s explore how these offers can enhance the travel experience, making it possible to create unforgettable memories without breaking the bank.

What is Alaska Airlines Companion Fare?

Alaska Airlines Companion Fare is a great benefit offered to Alaska Airlines Visa® and Alaska Airlines Visa® Business cardholders to enjoy significant savings when traveling with a friend or family member. It is an annual benefit that allows you to purchase a companion’s round-trip for discounted prices.

When you book a round-trip flight in economy class for yourself, this exclusive perk enables you to secure a second ticket for your companion at the cost of $99, plus any applicable taxes and fees. While it is widely referred to as the “$99 companion fare,” the out-of-pocket cost starts at $122, including taxes beginning from $23. This deal becomes particularly enticing for those planning trips with higher-priced itineraries, where the savings can be most impactful.

This opportunity requires both the primary traveler and the companion to be booked on the same flight itinerary simultaneously through Alaska Airlines’ official website using an eligible credit card after spending the minimum amount.

How To Earn Alaska Companion Fare Flights?

The perks of the Alaska Companion Fare start with the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® Credit Card or the Alaska Airlines Visa® Business Credit Card. 

Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® Credit Card

Upon opening an Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® Credit Card, new users are welcomed with an attractive offer. You can earn 60,000 bonus miles alongside a Companion if you make at least $3,000 purchases within the first 90 days of account activation. Moreover, cardholders continue to enjoy an annual Companion Fare for $122 after annual purchases of $6,000 or more. 

Codes for the Companion Fare will be automatically included in your Alaska Airlines account. Specifically for new Visa consumer cardholders, this code appears after the necessary spend within the initial 90 days, with the Companion Fare code applied to the cardholder’s Mileage Plan account.

Alaska Airlines Visa® Business Credit Card

The Alaska Airlines Visa® Business Credit Card follows a similar structure. It is designed for small business owners and offers the Companion Fare as a sign-up bonus. The fare is also credited annually after the account anniversary upon spending a minimum of $6,000 within the preceding year. 

The Companion Fare code for business card accounts is processed after the required net purchase amount is met within the first 90 days of opening the account. Like the consumer card, this Companion Fare code is then added to the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan account of the primary cardholder roughly 6 to 8 weeks post qualification, and it is credited annually on the card anniversary.

Alaska Companion Fare Rules

There are numerous guidelines you need to follow when using Alaska Companion Ticket.

Check them out below!

  • The Alaska Companion Pass is exclusively for use on Alaska Airlines flights, which must be booked via the Alaska Airlines website.
  • It is valid for round-trip economy class tickets only, with the original ticket bought at standard rates.
  • Booking for both the original and companion tickets should be made simultaneously.
  • Miles are not permitted to be used to acquire a ticket linked with a companion fare. However, both tickets will accumulate miles.
  •  The companion fare cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions or discounts.
  • Payments for both the original and companion fares need to be made using an Alaska Airlines credit card.
  • The account holder of the Companion Fare does not need to be one of the travelers.

Alaska Airlines: How To Book Flights with Companion Fare

Are you finding a solution to How To Use Alaska Companion Fare Flights? Your search ends here. To utilize your Companion Fare with Alaska Airlines, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your MileagePlan account on Alaska Airlines’ website. After logging in, look for your name in the upper right corner and click the down arrow next to it.
  • Find and select the option labeled “Discount and companion fare codes.”
  • This page displays all available codes, including your Companion Fare code. Select the “Shop” button next to the code you wish to use.
  • Alternately, if you already know your code, you can start directly at the flight search page. Enter your code into the box marked “Discount or companion fare code” before conducting your flight search for two people.
  • After entering your departure and arrival cities along with your travel dates, press the “Find flights” button. In the flight results, look for flights marked with a specific red icon indicating they are eligible for Companion Fare. This icon will be beside the flight price.

Alaska Companion Pass Expiration Dates

Do you know your companion fare code comes with a booking deadline? It means you must secure your trip by this specified date. The expiration date on your companion fare code is the last chance you can use it to book your travel. You will need to redeem your code and finalize your purchase by 11:59 pm PT on this date. Nevertheless, you have the flexibility to travel after this expiry date as long as your trip is within 12 months from the ticket issue date.

To check the expiration date of your companion fare code, simply log into your Account profile and go to the “Discount and companion fare codes” section. It is important to remember that this expiry date is final and cannot be pushed back. Once your code has expired, it’s no longer valid or exchangeable.

Passengers May Also Ask!

How much is the companion fare on Alaska Airlines?

The cost of using the Companion Fare on Alaska Airlines typically starts at $121 ($99 plus taxes and fees from $22), but the exact amount depends on the particular flight and destination.

How many times can I use Alaska Companion fare?

You can use the Alaska Companion Fare once per year. 

Can you use Alaska Companion fare for someone else?

Yes, you can use the Alaska Companion Ticket to book a ticket for someone else. However, the primary ticket holder (the Alaska Airlines credit cardholder who received the Companion Fare) must make the booking.

Where to find the Alaska Companion Fare Code?

The Companion Fare Code is typically found in your Alaska Airlines account. After logging in, navigate to the ‘Discount and companion fare codes’ section to view your available codes.

Does Alaska Companion Fare work for international flights?

Yes, the Alaska Airlines Companion Fare can be used for international flights. However, it is important to note that additional taxes and fees, which can be higher for international travel, will apply.

When will I receive my Alaska Companion Pass?

The Alaska Companion Fare is usually credited to your account shortly after your Alaska Airlines credit card anniversary each year.

What is Alaska’s Famous Companion Fare?

Alaska’s Famous Companion Fare™ is a benefit offered through the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® Card and some of its other credit card programs. This fare allows cardholders to book a companion ticket for just $99 plus taxes and fees, starting from $23 every year.

Can I use the Alaska companion pass to fly on partner airlines?

The Alaska Airlines Companion Fare cannot be used on partner airlines. It is applicable only for flights operated by Alaska Airlines.

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