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AirlinesOfficeDesk serves as a reliable platform for travelers to gather information about city and airport terminal offices of different airlines operating all around the world. Through the means of this disclaimer, the website disclaims certain factors that it does not provide any guarantee for. By using this website, you agree to proceed as per this disclaimer.  

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Accuracy of Information 

The information provided on AirlinesOfficeDesk with respect to airline offices, whether they are located in specific cities or at terminals of airports, is all intended for general reference purposes. We act as third-party information providers and aim at offering accurate and latest details. Although the facts and information are sourced through official websites of airlines and other authentic references, we still do not bear any responsibility for their absolute correctness. 

Visual Representation 

The visual or graphical content may be showcased on our website so as to provide you with better knowledge about the services and amenities offered by city offices or airport terminal offices of different airlines. Some of such presentations may not be accurate as per what exactly looks like at an airline’s office. They might be provided for reference purposes only. 

Subject to Changes

There could be timely modifications or amendments by airlines in their policies, regulations, guidelines, and advisories for travelers. They can also change their contact details, locations of offices, operating hours etc. Hence, you are recommended to verify the information on their website before taking any travel-related decision. Although we aim to keep our website updated with all the latest information, it is still beneficial for you to conduct research through the airlines’ own websites. Otherwise, we will not be responsible for any mishap or unfavorable event happening with you due to non-adherence to what is provided on the airline’s official website or any other authentic sources. 

Contact Details

We collect contact details of airlines, which may include phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, fax numbers, and social media handles, through reliable online sources. Nevertheless, it is always suggested to check with the airlines as well for guarantee of correct details. You can browse through their official websites or contact their customer care teams for assistance. This will help you stay away from inconvenience and go ahead with a smooth flying experience. 

Appointments or Walk-ins

By providing detailed information about the office of an airline, we do no guarantee that those offices allow walk-in entries. This is because many of the offices use the prior appointment procedure to allow travelers to visit and seek the required assistance or get their queries addressed. It might also be the case that some offices look after only some of the services such as air ticket bookings and customer support. Thus, you need to collect complete information before you plan to visit a specific city office of an airline. Even if it is about the terminal office of an airline, you need to be familiar with facilities offered by it so that you don’t run into any trouble at the end moment. 

Apart from this, you are highly recommended to consult established authorities that operate in the travel domain for better decision-making. Such practices ensure wisdom and clarity in your approach towards air travel planning. 

Third-Party Websites

You may find links to websites of airlines, third-party travel companies, or other resources on our website. We do not bear any responsibility for the content, accuracy of information, or privacy practices of those websites. You must be responsible to review the privacy policies, terms and conditions, and other important information provided by them.

Feedback and Updates

If you have the latest information about the city or airport terminal office of any airline, you are welcome to get in touch with us. Even if you notice any discrepancy on our website, you can connect with us for its correction. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions to improve the accuracy of our website content.

Legal Disclaimer

The information provided on our website does not represent any legal advice or any kind of endorsement. We do not aim to promote the products, facilities, and services of any airline or travel company. You are advised to stay cautious while exploring information and act with diligence so as to make well-informed decisions pertaining to your own requirements. You are recommended to cross check each and every piece of information that you come across on our website so as to avoid any confusion or hassle at the last minute.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to connect with us. We wish you all the best for your future travel journeys!