Delta Premium Select Vs Delta One: Which One Should You Book?

Delta Premium Vs Delta One

Everybody wants comfort and luxury when traveling internationally or on long-haul flights. Several airlines offer a premium travel experience for all classes, whether business or economy. One such airline is Delta Airlines, which has turned people’s heads worldwide with its Delta Premium Select for Economy class and Delta One lie-flat product for Business class. The airline has elevated its modern services and amenities.

You can now travel comfortably with top-notch in-flight amenities and ultimate luxury that keeps upgrading each year. Premium economy and business class have many different features, each with pros and cons; we’ll try to summarize everything related to these two Delta Airlines and give you some tips to elevate your monotonous air travel pattern.

Delta Classes of Service

Delta Airlines is world-renowned for its business-class services and has no international first-class service. It is one of the two legacy long-haul US airlines offering luxurious business-class services to all its passengers worldwide. Because of its vast reputation in the air travel industry, Delta Airlines has to upgrade and renew its services and amenities promptly to stay relevant in the minds of its passengers. 

Delta Airlines operates in several classes. Before discussing the premium economy and business class, we need a brief overview of the classes and what each includes.

Delta One

Delta One offers business class passengers the highest and most premium service. It has flat-bed seats with top-notch comfort and restaurant-style meals, which is the ultimate definition of luxury. Delta One class services and pictures for branding on premium international routes and operates flights on domestic routes, including John F. Kennedy- New York (JFK) to Los Angeles International (LAX) and Reagan National- Washington D.C. (DCA) to Los Angeles International (LAX).

Booking a Delta One flight offers many perks, including luggage delivery priority, multinational cuisines, flat-bed seats, lounge access, and ultimate comfort.

First Class

Delta operates its first-class cabin on domestic and local international destinations in 2-2 style format or 1-2 on smaller regional planes. Passengers enjoy the comfort of recliner seats but with one drawback: these can’t be converted to flat beds. 

The flight experience is luxurious, with proper meals depending upon the length of the journey. Passengers always get snacks and complimentary beverages during the flight. You get all the necessary amenities, including a dental kit, socks, headphones, TV, slippers, blankets, etc. This ticket doesn’t grant lounge access.

Delta Premium Select

Delta Economy’s premium product, Delta Premium Select, is similar to a business class but with several upgraded amenities and better seating space. It has more space and legroom than the business class, with more food options and enhanced catering. It is usually accessible on a wide-body flight and falls between the business and economy classes.

Delta Comfort+

If you want comfort with more leg space in economy class, Delta Comfort+ is the right choice. It offers more legroom than other economy seats and is primarily located in preferred areas, including exit rows and bulkheads. You can upgrade your economy seats to Delta Comfort+ if you’re a Medallion elite member.

Main Cabin

It is economy class with basic, rare bone seats on the plane’s rear. You cannot expect a comfortable seating arrangement like business class, but you can enjoy the amenities, including inflight entertainment, food, and other basic facilities.

Basic Economy

Basic Economy is a ticket to the Main Cabin with fewer amenities and restrictions. You don’t have the freedom to upgrade your tickets or select your preferred seats. It is the best option for budget-conscious travelers but not a very good option for family and business travel.

What To Know About Delta Premium Select?

Delta Premium Select is an upgraded economy product suitable for long-haul flights. It offers more legroom, enhanced catering and dining, wider seats, modern amenities, and more comfort than business class. You can enjoy the feel and services of business class without paying extra. 

Let’s dive deep and see whether this Premium Select is worth the hype.

How To Book A Ticket?

There are several ways to book a Delta Premium Select ticket:

  • You can pay in cash, and the price is almost double the economy class ticket.
  • Collect your miles and use them while booking a Premium Select to cover the difference in cost. It usually costs 1 cent per mile.
  • You can use your Global Upgrade Certificates (if available) to upgrade your tickets.

Checking In Your Flight

Booking flight tickets in Delta Premium Select comes with SkyPriority access, which gives you priority check-in, boarding, luggage delivery, and security. You can experience all these access in Premium Select, an economy premium product. You can get Delta SkyClub access if you are an existing SkyMiles passenger and Medallion member. 

This ticket offers all the pre-flight facilities you need to make the start of your journey comfortable and stress-free.

You don’t have to wait long for these amenities and priority access.

Baggage Allowance 

Delta Premium Select passengers can access priority luggage delivery and a competitive baggage allowance on international flights. You get priority bag services at the airport after landing, which saves a lot of time. The total number of bags you’re allowed to carry consists of 2 checked bags weighing not more than 50 pounds with a height of 62 inches. 

You can have a handbag and one personal item, such as a wallet, purse, backpack, etc. The individual store bin is overhead for easy access and guaranteed space without creating any uncomfortable environment.

In-Flight Amenity

Talking about the in-flight amenities of Delt Premium Select, we can only say that the passengers experience ultimate comfort and luxury. The seats are very comfortable, with large recliner seats, extra legroom, headrests and armrests, soft pillows, and clean bedsheets. It is best for long-haul flights as you get comfortable and spacious seating areas with much privacy.

Now, let’s discuss the catering options offered to the Premium Select passengers. After the take-off, the staff welcomes the premium passengers with a sparkling wine and snack. You have fine dining options, with complimentary wine, beer, and snacks suitable for your taste, all served on eco-friendly flatware.

This is not it, as you have endless relaxation. The in-flight entertainment option is Delta Studioi, which gives passengers access to more than 1,000+ hours of content from around the world and in many languages, so they can easily access the content. You don’t need to land with a dull face at the airport as you have an amenity kit, including a lip balm, toothbrush, socks, and other dental needs.

Average Airfare Cost

Delta Premium Select tickets are cheaper than economy-class tickets and are in the higher cost range but are less expensive than first-class tickets. The price range is high since it is a premium economy product. Let’s understand it with an example of a flight from Atlanta to Amsterdam and a breakdown of the average round-trip cost of Premium Select.

The average airfare for a Premium Select ticket during the last weeks of September is around $3,306 per round-trip. You can calculate its price accordingly, and it is better to go through the official website or contact the Delta Airlines team. 

If you’re a Delta Airlines American Express credit cardholder, you can earn miles and redeem them for discounted tickets.


Delta Premium Select tickets are non-refundable, and only the most expensive Premium Select is refundable. It is better to read the terms and conditions of the Premium Select tickets, which are either sent to you via message or are present on the official website.

What To Know About Delta One?

Delta One is Delta’s most premium business-class product, and you can experience ultimate comfort with luxury. It is a first-class experience on long-haul flights with lie-flat beds and private cabins, providing privacy to the passengers. You experience the ultimate level of luxury with modern amenities, comfortable seats, and excellent dining options, which are perfect for making your long-haul flights comfy.

Let’s discuss more points and see if it is better than the Delta Premium or just the hype.

How To Book A Ticket?

There are several ways to book a Delta One ticket:

  • Elite Medallion members can request an upgrade on domestic routes that feature Delta One.
  • If you have a Premium Select ticket, you can use your Global Upgrade Certificates to request an upgrade regardless of the routes and length.
  • You can use miles to cover the difference in cost, usually at 1 cent per mile, between Delta Premium Select, Main Cabin, and Delta One.

Checking In Your Flight

Delta One offers the most premium flight experience from the airport. All Delta SkyPriority members get access to priority check-in, security, and luggage priority. They also enjoy the lounge access and have enough time before the take-off. Several Delta SkyClub lounges are worldwide, including Amsterdam, Atlanta, Barcelona, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York(JFK and La Guardia), and Paris. 

The lounge offers endless amenities, including buffets, fine dining, shower areas, office cabins, travel assistance, pre-flight meals, and spirits. This is different from it as you get priority boarding with your seat access before other flight passengers, which saves a lot of time and enables you to enjoy extended access.

Baggage Allowance

Delta One passengers also have a decent baggage allowance, just like Delta Premium Select, but with just a few differences. The passengers can bring two checked luggage, at most 70 pounds, and more than the Premium Select. You can get one carry-on bag with one personal item, but the size should be 45 linear inches at most.

You also get priority luggage delivery and boarding from takeoff to touchdown. It makes your journey smooth and hassle-free, saving you much time, which you can utilize in the lounge.

In-Flight Amenity

The in-flight experience in Delta One is top-notch, and the amenities it offers have established Delta One as the most premium cabin. It is a premium business-class product with full-height doors, comfortable 180-degree flat beds, memory foam pillows, and bedsheets.

Top chefs curate the menu, and you have a high-quality fine-dining option with expertly recommended fine wines, beers, and spirits. You can enjoy the excellent catering services of the Delta Onre staff, and it feels like you’re in a food paradise, but enjoy the clouds.

Delta One passengers can access unlimited content on the private entertainment screens loaded with Delta Studio. If you want to stay productive during long-haul flights, you can also purchase Wi-Fi in flight. 

Stay fresh with the Someone Somewhere amenity kit, which includes slippers, a toothbrush, an eye mask, Grown Alchemist skin care products, and more. These in-flight amenities make your air travel even more luxurious and stress-free.

Average Airfare Cost

Delta One is a premium business product,ct and c[th, us the ticket cost reflects the luxury it holds. The average ticket cost is more than Delta Premium Select, and let’s take the same example of a flight from Atlanta to Amsterdam to calculate the round-trip flight cost.

The average airfare price of Delta One is around $8,347, which is double the Premium Select ticket cost, but we must recognize the added and enhanced amenities and services it provides. It is suitable for all the sophisticated luxury-seeking travelers.


Delta One tickets are non-refundable, and only the full fare “J” fare tickets are refundable. It is better to read the terms and conditions of the Delta One ticket. A cancellation fee of $200, as well as other penalties, are applied.

To Wrap Up! 

In summary, Delta Premium Select is an upgraded version of economy class. With Premium Select, you can experience spacious legroom and comfort compared to cramped economy seats. You also get better amenities and facilities if you book a Premium Select ticket. 

Delta One is the most premium business-class product for international flights and premium routings. You can get a lie-flat bed with top-notch facilities hatch, not olives color but a luxurious experience. The choice is yours, but we assure you that Delta takes care of all its premium customers with utmost hospitality.


What is Delta Premium Select?

Delta Premium Select is a premium economy-class product that provides facilities similar to those of a first class. It lies between the first class and the economy class.

What is Delta One?

Delta One is the most premium business-class product with top-notch modern amenities and a luxurious travel experience. It is suitable for travelers seeking both luxury and comfort.

How are the seats of Delta Premium Select?

The Delta Premium Select has large recliner seats with extra legroom, headrests and armrests, soft pillows, and clean bedsheets. It is best for long-haul flights as the passengers get comfortable and spacious seating areas with much privacy.

How are the seats of Delta One?

Delta One is a premium business-class product with full-height doors, comfortable 180-degree flat beds, memory foam pillows, and bedsheets.

Does Delta Premium Select offer lounge access?

Delta Premium Select doesn’t offer lounge access, but if you’re a Delta Medallion elite member and have a lounge membership, you have a premium credit card with lounge access.

Does Delta One offer lounge access?

Yes, Delta One offers lounge access, and you can relax at the Delta SkyClub lounges worldwide before take-off or during layovers.

What is the average airfare for a Delta Premium Select roundtrip?

The average cost of a roundtrip from Atlanta to Amsterdam is around $3,306.

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