Delta SkyMiles Shopping: Check Stores, Login Steps & More

Skymiles shopping for Delta Airlines

Imagine earning miles for your next vacation while lounging on your sofa or during a coffee break at work. Yes, you read that right! You don’t need to be a frequent flyer or have a specific credit card to earn Delta SkyMiles. 

Delta SkyMiles Shopping is your gateway to earning miles effortlessly with every online purchase. All you need to do is shop from your favorite stores, and you will earn miles for the next flights to your dream place. This guidebook is your ticket to understanding how to set up your account on the portal and maximize your mileage-earning potential without setting foot on a plane.

Delta SkyMiles Shopping Portal

Delta Shopping Portal is an innovative platform that allows frequent Delta Airlines flyers to earn SkyMiles by shopping online. Basically, it is a virtual mall where every purchase you make through the portal helps you accumulate miles, which you can later redeem for flights, upgrades, and more with Delta Airlines. The portal includes a wide range of retailers, from fashion and electronics to home goods and subscriptions, making it easy for members to earn miles on everyday purchases.

By becoming a member of the Delta SkyMiles Program and logging into the portal, members can earn a specific number of miles per dollar spent. So, know more about this effortless way to get closer to your next trip with Delta in further sections.

Delta SkyMiles Shopping Stores: Push Button and Earn

Welcome to the Delta SkyMiles Shopping Portal!  With over 1,000+ leading stores at your fingertips, you are not just shopping but collecting money for your next travel. Here, you will discover exclusive coupon codes, catch up on the latest deals, and turn everyday purchases into miles for your next adventure. So, start exploring now and see how your shopping can take you to your dream place.

Abt ElectronicsEARN 1 MILE/$EksterEARN 4.5 MILES/$
AC LensEARN 3 MILES/$Fat Brain ToysEARN 2.5 MILES/$
AbeBooksEARN 1 MILE/$FatheadEARN 1 MILE/$
Backcountry.comEARN 2.5 MILES/$Felix GrayEARN 1 MILE/$
Bahama BreezeEARN 0.5 MILE/$FellowEARN 1.5 MILES/$
Bahia PrincipeEARN 1 MILE/$GarageEARN 2 MILES/$
Bake Me A Wish!EARN 3 MILES/$GardynEARN 1 MILE/$
Baked by MelissaEARN 1 MILE/$Garrett WadeEARN 1 MILE/$
CalphalonEARN 2 MILES/$GetSmarterEARN 1 MILE/$
Camp ChefEARN 1 MILE/$HUM NutritionEARN 1.5 MILES/$
Camping WorldEARN 1 MILE/$Humble BundleEARN 1 MILE/$
CampmorEARN 1.5 MILES/$HungryrootEARN 300 MILES
CanonEARN 1 MILE/$Hydro FlaskEARN 2 MILES/$
Caraway HomeEARN 2.5 MILES/$HydroJugEARN 1 MILE/$
Dango ProductsEARN 3 MILES/$HydrowEARN 2 MILES/$
Darden RestaurantsEARN 0.5 MILE/$IndochinoEARN 2 MILES/$
DarphinEARN 2 MILES/$Industry WestEARN 1.5 MILES/$
DataCampEARN 4.5 MILES/$InkboxEARN 2 MILES/$
David YurmanEARN 2 MILES/$InnisfreeEARN 1 MILE/$
Edible ArrangementsEARN 1 MILE/$Jos. A. BankEARN 1.5 MILES/$

Delta SkyMiles Shopping Login Steps

To make the most out of Delta SkyMiles Shopping and start collecting extra miles on your purchases, you will need to sign up for Delta Airlines Shopping Portal. Without logging in, you can only browse the number of bonus miles available at different stores, but you won’t be able to earn them until you’re logged in. Here’s an easy way to get started:

Step 1: Register for Joining Delta SkyMiles Program

To kick off earning miles with Delta’s SkyMiles Shopping, the very first thing you will need to do is sign up for a SkyMiles account. Open Delta’s official website, click on Join SkyMiles, and then you will be asked to fill in some personal details, including your name, address, birth date, and gender, to create your account. Don’t forget to choose a username and password to easily access your account later.

Step 2: Sign Up for SkyMiles Shopping

After becoming a Delta SkyMiles member, the next step is to register for SkyMiles Shopping with your SkyMiles number. This step is straightforward—you just need some basic info, such as your name, email, and zip code. Remember, you will also set up a unique password for the SkyMiles Shopping account, which is different from your main SkyMiles login.

Step 3: Choose Your Shopping Method

Done with setting up your SkyMiles Shopping account? Now, you will find there are two primary ways to shop and earn miles. First, you can use the online shopping portal to browse all participating stores, compare different deals, and spot any limited-time offers for extra miles. However, to shop this way, you’ll need to first log into the Delta portal and then navigate to the retailer’s site from there. Alternatively, you can streamline the process by downloading the browser extension to earn miles.

Step 4: Start Shopping and Earn Miles

Now that you have crossed all the stages, it is time to start shopping and accumulating bonus miles. Each store on your preferred shopping methods shows qualifying items that will help you earn extra miles. So, whether you are actively looking for deals on the website or casually shopping online, you are always poised to boost your miles balance.

The Bottom Line

Utilizing the Delta SkyMiles Shopping portal offers a seamless and efficient method to earn additional miles with every online purchase. This free platform allows users to accumulate miles effortlessly by simply shopping through the portal. 

Whether buying clothing, electronics, or any other essentials, frequent flyers have the opportunity to enhance their mile balance for each dollar spent. This strategy not only maximizes the value obtained from everyday purchases but also significantly contributes to future travel savings. With its user-friendly interface and quick account setup, Delta SkyMiles Shopping emerges as an essential tool for savvy shoppers. Enjoy your trip!

Commonly Asked Questions

Can Delta SkyMiles be used to purchase flight tickets?

Yes, of course. You can redeem your miles to book flights.

Is Delta SkyMiles free?

Passengers can be a member of the Delta SkyMiles Program for free.

Can I buy someone a ticket with my Delta SkyMiles?

Yes, you can book travel for yourself and for someone else with Delta Sky Miles.

Can you use SkyMiles for purchases other than tickets?

Beyond booking flights, with SkyMiles, you can buy things from Delta Shopping Portal or donate them.

How much is 5000 Delta SkyMiles worth?

Typically, 5,000 miles are worth about $50. But, if the cost of a ticket you want to pay for with miles isn’t evenly divided by $50, each mile might be worth less.

 Is it possible to use SkyMiles to pay for a hotel?

Yes. You can redeem your miles to book your next hotel or vacation rental only if you book through Delta.

Can I pay the baggage fee using SkyMiles?

SkyMiles members flying from most local airports can use miles to cover the cost of standard checked baggage fees at check-in instead of paying with cash.

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