Is It Possible for Dialysis Patients To Travel By Air?

can you travel on dialysis

Many people believe that having a medical issue means living within the boundaries of the house, close to your comfort zone, and beside the care of your loved ones. But it is not true. Such an approach weakens the patient’s self-esteem, attitude, and confidence. It consolidates the confined boundaries of the patient’s habitat, especially when the disease is chronic, such as dialysis, which sounds like pulling teeth. 

Various situations create emergencies in life when stepping out of the comfort zone becomes necessary. To deal with such circumstances, you must have strong and required preparation, which can help you travel easily throughout the journey. We have described all the tips below that dialysis patients can use to plan their air journey in a safe and secure manner and can embrace the joy, too. 

Air Travel Rights for Dialysis Patients 

According to the ACAA Act of 1990, all disabled patients, including dialysis patients, can travel by air without any discrimination. There are also some other rights for the dialysis patient, which are mentioned below:- 

1. The dialysis machine will be prioritized if the space is limited.

2. If you have considered the machine as luggage, it would be included in all the stuff that will be off the plane after landing. 

3. If the machine fits in an overhead bin or in front of your seat, it will not be counted as a carry-on item. 

4. If the airline loses or damages the machine, it must pay for the loss. 

5. The airline can not ask the dialysis patient to sign a waiver for damage. 

Plan A Safe and Secure Air Journey With Dialysis 

We are sure you have frequently dealt with this common doubt: “Can you travel on dialysis?” And your answer would mostly be no, right? But it’s not true. The possibility of traveling with dialysis does exist, but it requires some precautions, which we have gathered for you. If you are all set to have an air journey but want to make it safe and secure, we are ready to give you a hand. We have elaborated some tips below that you can follow to pack your bag and have a hassle-free journey. 

Prepare For The Air Journey As Per Your Dialysis 

If you are a dialysis patient and want to take an air journey for business or as a break, then the preparation must be according to the type of dialysis you are suffering from.

Peritoneal Dialysis

If you are on peritoneal dialysis, all you need to carry while traveling is a machine that helps inject a dialysate solution inside the abdomen. You can also ask for other required supplements from the airline staff or have a word with them. You should also connect with your healthcare and discuss your travel plans with them so that they can assist you with the best in order to have a trouble-free journey 


In this dialysis, the patient has to visit the center frequently, and all the processes are done in the center, such as cleaning and balancing the blood in the whole body. If you are going to have an air journey, consult with your doctor or your healthcare team on how to keep the treatment consistent at another destination. 

Consult With The Doctor

If you are going to take an air journey, do not forget to share your travel plans with your doctor and health care team. The doctor will properly guide you when and how to travel by air according to your health condition. The doctor will let you know whether you are ready to travel and, if not, what precautions you should take while traveling. The doctor will help you with important tests and medications so that you can enjoy a trouble-free journey. 

Bring Medical Escort

If you travel by air, do not forget to have a medical escort. Traveling by air involves dealing with high and low altitudes, and in such a situation, traveling individually or without a companion can cost you a lot. A medical escort cares about your good health, mental peace, and consistency of treatment and also knows your requirements. So, do not compromise on the requirement for a medical escort. 

Be Careful About Your Health And Diets 

As a dialysis patient, you must be careful about your intake and health. Bring some kidney-friendly edibles and inform the airline to include healthy meal options for dialysis patients. Healthy meals play an important role in positive improvements. Therefore, consume high-protein food and avoid processed food. 

If you are going out of town, inform your doctors and loved ones about your plans so they can contact you in emergencies. Keep important things with you, such as contact details of your doctors and family members and medical reports. You can also bring a companion with you and some written prescriptions.

Connect With Air Ambulance 

If traveling by air, you must be conscious of your surroundings, as a single mistake can cause hazardous situations. Trouble is likely to happen in a confined space filled with many passengers. To avoid such situations, you can use air ambulances. These are specially built to provide passengers with a secure journey. The ambulances are properly equipped with every necessity. The professionals inside the ambulance assist the passengers with all the care and safety to provide them with a positive and friendly environment. 

Be Prepared For Dialysis.

If you are a dialysis patient, you must also be prepared on your own. Sometimes, due to occupancy, the patients do not get the appointments when required or in emergencies at the travel destination. Such scenarios can cause serious threats due to delays, which is unacceptable in the context of good health. To do so, consult with the dialysis caretaker. 

If you are allowed to perform it on your own, bring some important stuff with you, such as equipment for water treatment, required machines, etc. Although you will carry the stuff, consult with the nearby dialysis center for help if required. If you are traveling by plane, inform the airline staff about your dialysis equipment and ask for the guidelines to carry it. 

Search For Nearest Dylasis Centre 

Look for the nearest dialysis center at your arrival destination to get the treatment on time and avoid rough compromises with your health. Ask about the nearest dialysis center to your destination to connect with them. 

This will help you carry out the stuff required for the diagnosis, such as medical reports, recent health condition data, and many more.


We have discussed all the tips and ways to help you have a safe and secure air journey. Dialysis is a serious health condition, so you must be careful about everything from leaving the house until landing at your arrival destination. Consult with your doctors, share your traveling plans with loved ones, and bring all the essential things promoting good health, such as food, drinks, etc. Leave zero space for chaos and conquer your dream of having an air journey with dialysis. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you take dialysis fluid on a plane?

Yes, you can carry fluids on a plane that supports your health condition, but it must be packed in a tight bag that could keep the germs away. 

Can dialysis patients travel abroad?

Yes, a dialysis patient can travel abroad with some precautions, and an advance consult with the doctor is required. 

Can Dialysis patients fly?

Yes. Dialysis patients can fly with any airline that offers them the right support. 

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