Understanding the System of Jetblue Boarding Groups

Boarding Groups of JetBlue

Every airline has its own style of boarding its passengers. The method any other airline uses won’t match that of JetBlue. So, to prepare for your journey with this air carrier, you need to be aware of how to go through the JetBlue boarding process.

Having the knowledge of how the airline’s boarding process works can give you insight into planning your trips better. This ultimate guide can make you well-informed about the boarding groups JetBlue uses for transitioning passengers to their flights. So, let’s look into them.

The JetBlue Boarding Sequence

JetBlue Airline’s boarding groups are designed in a combination of numbers and alphabets. Hence, you need to give extra attention while the announcements are being made to prevent any errors and misunderstandings.

Passengers flying with the airline follow the given JetBlue boarding order:


The group that is the first to board the JetBlue aircraft are the ones with special needs. It is to ensure their safety while getting on the plane.

Mosaic and Mint Members

This group serves qualified members as a priority and allows them to get on their flight first. 

They involve:

  • Mosaic Elite status members
  • Mint first cabin members
  • Priority passengers

Group A

Group A follows after the elite members. Members of this group enjoy a variety of amenities on their flights, such as boarding early, a premium seating location, and extra legroom stretching 7 inches. Passengers with Mosaic 1, 2, or higher status can also avail of these amenities for free during check-in or while booking their seats.

Passengers who are eligible to board with Group A are:

  • Even More Space passengers
  • JetBlue business card holders
  • Passengers who upgrade with Blu Extra fare

Courtesy Boarding

When passengers with priority boarding are settled on the flight, courtesy boarding or JetBlue military boarding takes place. Military personnel who are active on duty and families traveling with kids and carrying strollers and carriages are the ones who belong to this group.

Groups B through F

After wrapping up the courtesy boarding, next are the passengers who are allotted any of the 5 boarding groups from B to F in their boarding passes.

You belong to any of these 5 boarding groups if:

  • You have bought JetBlue’s Vacation package
  • You have earned 10-40 mosaic tiles while traveling with this airline
  • You chose the JetBlue Blue basic (basic economy) program

Remaining Passengers

Passengers who aren’t assigned any group on their boarding passes proceed after everyone else has got into the flight.

Unaccompanied Minors

Last but not least, those children who are traveling without any adult are led to their flight by an airline official.

Accessing Priority Treatment From JetBlue

It doesn’t feel good to be the last one to board your JetBlue aircraft. Here are ways you can find a place within the JetBlue boarding groups that are heading first to their flight.

For Frequent Travelers

Earning The Mosaic Elite Status

If Mosaic members board first, why not become one? If you are a True Blue Member, you can work your way up to the elite status by earning tiles. You can do so by frequently traveling with the airlines or making purchases with a JetBlue Plus credit card. It will take you 50 tiles to reach the Mosaic 1 level.

Not just that, you will enjoy a variety of other benefits after reaching this level, such as:

  • Able to make changes to flight on the day of departure
  • Access to Even More Space
  • Priority customer service

Owning A JetBlue Credit Card

As a frequent traveler, owning JetBlue’s credit cards can be beneficial in getting you priority boarding.

  • If you hold JetBlue’s Business card, which comes with an annual fee of $99, you get the opportunity to board with Group A along with upto four other passengers.
  • Having JetBlue’s Plus Card can earn you Group B boarding on spending $10,000.

The Perks You Pick Program

As a True Blue member, if you manage to save 10 to 40 tiles, you get to choose perks on your flight, one of which allows you to board with Group B.

[Note: This offer doesn’t apply to members who are traveling with the Blue Basic fare program.]

For Other Passengers

Reserve A Mint Suite Cabin

Want to board early? Booking a mint suite or studio can help. If your flight takes transcontinental and Caribbean routes, you can get this accommodation that will qualify you for JetBlue priority boarding.

Apart from early boarding, you also unlock other benefits on your flight like:

  • Lie flat beds
  • Enhanced in-flight entertainment
  • Advanced dining facilities
  • Amenity kits

Purchasing Even More Space

If the above methods seem out of reach and you want a quick solution to get on your flight first, there is another thing you can try. If you purchase Even More Space while booking your seats, you get eligible to board with Group A. Not just that, you get access to Jet Blue priority security.

Buy A Blue Extra Fare

With the basic program, your travels gets restricted. But, if you upgrade to the Blue Extra fare program, you get more freedom and benefits, which also involves boarding early with Group A and getting priority on security checkpoints.

Summing Up

Traveling by air is indeed a hefty task that involves a myriad of procedures. But you can make it a bit easier by staying prepared and being aware of the airport’s systems. 

In this manual, we touched on one of the JetBlue Airlines flight processes. It covers a detailed account of the boarding groups allotted to passengers by the airline. This system helps maintain the free flow of the boarding process. Use the effective tips from this guide and prepare for a streamlined journey with JetBlue.

Common Queries

How does JetBlue board its passengers?

JetBlue boards special needs, Mosaic and Mint members, and Group A members first. Courtesy Members and passengers in Group B to F follow them. Lastly, other passengers and unaccompanied minors get into the flight.

How many boarding groups does Jetblue have?

JetBlue Airlines consists of 10 boarding groups in total.

Does Jetblue have assigned seats?

You can select your preferred seat on your JetBlue flight by paying a fee.

What does priority security mean on JetBlue?

Priority security on your JetBlue flight allows you to pass through the security checkpoints first which speeds your screening process without having to wait in line.

Which group involves JetBlue family boarding?

If you are traveling as a family accompanying kids with strollers and carriages, you board with the courtesy group after Group A.

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